Knuckle Glass x Sitka® collab


Our limited edition Sitka® Dome is a collaboration between glass blower artist James Edgar (aka Knuckles Glass), and his father John Edgar (bonesdrum), check them both out in IG!

They are located north of Seattle in Skagit County and are both makers and fabricators of all kinds. James’ main medium is glass, but he’s also a welder among pretty much every other type of fabrication. His father is a legend woodworker in the region.

Shawn and Nick from Sitka met James at a trade show in WA and where we had a prototype dome that we’d been working on overseas. James noticed it and proposed we make it right — and right there at home in Seattle.
The team produced the first pieces in 2018. To date, there are limited runs of the product as Knuckles Glass creates these in batches.
Once you discover the unique, powerful experience of consuming Sitka® with its dome, you'll know why we are so passionate about making each and every single of of these items a true masterpiece.