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Hot Knives Sitka x Knuckles Glass Collab

New for 2022!

Introducing Sitka Hot Knives special edition. This artisanal set was born from the collaboration between Knuckles Glass x Sitka, our hot knives are a contemporary take on a tried-and-true method of consumption favored by people for its potency and effectiveness.

The knives are made of borosilicate glass, making them more resistant to thermal shock than common glass. They are strong and stable, and their clear glass allows you to appreciate the integrity and beauty of your product.  

Their unique design features a sphere on one end (The Orb ) and a flat plate on the opposite end (The Platter); a marriage of versatility and tradition. The Platter is slanted at a 10% angle to allow the sharing of your product more easily. In addition, the Orb side can be similarly heated to smoke a traditional bowl of flower without using a flame.

Our knives come sheltered on a hand-crafted walnut stand which features a staging area, as well as a place to hold the jar of your favorite product. 

How to use 

1. Heat the platter on an open flame, stove, or torch. As always, be careful.

2. After a minute, more or less, use the hot end of both knives to squash your product and inhale as desired.

3. Put the knives in their holder and remember they will be hot, so handle with care and attention.

Like the rest of our Sitka consumption accessories, each hot knives set is unique as they are hand-made. Thank you for allowing us to share with you our craft.  


Legal notice: For 21+ only. This item may only be used with legal smoking products and not for tobacco. Smoking may be harmful to your health. The FDA has not tested this item.

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